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Updated on Saturday, April 1, 2017.

A few very interesting items from my personal collection.

* 1797 Early Dollar, 9 Stars left and 7 Stars right, Small Letters, NGC EF-40. This coin boasts clean surfaces with highly desirable steel-gray toning with deeper charcoal highlights in the protected areas on both obverse and reverse. There are no marks, rubs or rim blemishes to distract from the notable eye-appeal. $25,500.

* 1872 Bold N Indian Cent. NGC MS-65 RB CAC. A superior quality and appealing example of this key date issue. Vibrant and satiny in texture with light glossy brown toning fading to pink-orange luster. This low mintage cent is scarce to rare in all grades and most certainly elusive in the higher Mint State levels. $3,200.   

  * 1914 D Lincoln Cent. PCGS MS-62 BN. Bold and inviting Mint State quality for this highly regarded key date coin. Deep steel-brown patina dominates the overall appearance yet both sides reveal lighter golden-copper highlights. The 1914 D cent is widely regarded as the rarest early date Lincoln cent. $2,750. 

  * 1949 D Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS MS-65 FBL. This is a stunning coin offering superb color rarely found on this issue. The central portion of the obverse is beautiful as it swirls into a glorious peach, violet and turquoise blend. The color is truly remarkable. The strike is razor sharp with bold, undisturbed bell lines. This coin represents a rare opportunity for a half dollar specialist. $1,795. 

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