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Updated on Thursday, December 1, 2016.

A few very interesting items from my personal collection.

* 1797 Early Dollar, 9 Stars left and 7 Stars right, Small Letters, NGC EF-40. This coin boasts clean surfaces with highly desirable steel-gray toning with deeper charcoal highlights in the protected areas on both obverse and reverse. There are no marks, rubs or rim blemishes to distract from the notable eye-appeal. $25,500.

* 1842 Liberty Seated Dollar, PCGS PF-62 CAC. Amazing luster is the hallmark of this rare, beautiful and desirable coin. Both sides display soft golden/blue toning around the rims. Eye-appeal is special as indicated by the highly valued CAC sticker. $35,750

* 1874 CC Trade Dollar, NGC MS-63. This is an important condition rarity among all Trade Dollars. A superior strike has resulted in razor sharp definition that extends to Liberty's head on the obverse and the lower portion of the reverse eagle. The coin retains full mint bloom in a vibrant satin texture. Gorgeous peripheral toning shows as powder blue and reddish rose iridescence. $7,950.   

* 1879 CC Morgan Dollar, clear CC variety, PCGS, MS-63. This is a bright, beautiful coin and perfect for an advanced collection. Softly frosted luster blankets both obverse and reverse. The quality of the strike is uniformly sharp. This is a key date issue among Carson City Morgan dollars. $8,750.   

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