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Updated on Monday, August 1, 2016.

A few very interesting items from my personal collection.

*Since 1982 the United States Mint has issued 32 modern commemorative
$5.00 gold coins and three modern commemorative $10.00 gold coins.  One of
the $10.00 coins is struck on a planchet of gold with an outer ring of
platinum.  This is the only bimetallic U.S. coin ever struck.  I offer the
complete set of 35 coins with each graded and encapsulated by NGC in
MS-70.  The "Mint State" graded coins are far more rare than the "Proof"
graded coins in this series.  Many of these coins have found their way to
the melting pot over the past 34 years.  Thus it would be extremely
difficult and time consuming to duplicate this set.  Please contact me at
the above-listed email address or by telephone to discuss this fabulous
set.  Price on Request.

* 1888 O Morgan dollar, NGC MS-65.  This gorgeous coin boasts steel-gray
surfaces with deeper charcoal highlights in the protected areas.  The
strike is strong and there are no rubs or marks on the coin.  A grade of
MS-66 would not be out of line for this beautiful specimen.     $23,500.

* 1948 Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS MS-66+ with Full Bell Lines. This coin has amazing luster, extremely clean surfaces, and superb eye-appeal. Seeking a 1948 Franklin with these characteristics can be frustrating. Both the obverse and reverse offer brilliant white surfaces with uncontrolled luster. The bell lines are crisp and bold. PCGS has graded only 42 examples in MS-66+ with FBL. A similar dated coin in PCGS MS-67 with FBL would carry a price of well into five-figures. This coin will not last long at $6,205.

* 1953 S Franklin half dollar, NGC MS-66+ CAC.  Coin has spectacular
luster that shimmers through many colors of the spectrum when tipped in the light. The bell lines are 98% complete.  The surfaces are virtually flawless with minimal bag marks that are barely visible.  NGC has only graded 19 examples in this lofty
grade and the addition of the CAC sticker adds to the panache. $1395.

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